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Frugal Fest in the News!


Tune in 7pm Friday to see me on NBC!

Frugal Festival Food! is all over the news!

The Bargain Hunter column in the LA Daily News wrote us up, as did NBC LA’s The Scene. LA Weekly had something to say and so did yesterday’s Yelp email!

Listen to CBS KFWB later this morning, at about 10:30 a.m., to hear me on Money 101 with Bob McCormick.

Tune in Friday, June 24, at 7 p.m. to see me talking about the Festival on NBC 4!

New site to save money on groceries

saveTalk about new! Save With Savvy launched yesterday and can reduce your next grocery bill by approximately $31.13. I’m thrilled to partner with them at Frugal Festival Food! on June 25 in Canoga Park. I played around with the site and it’s pretty cool how it works! The site does three things to save you money:

  • compares prices at your neighborhood grocers
  • finds weekly specials
  • gives you easy access to coupons

Enter your zip code on the site and check off the stores you like to shop at. Then shop by category. Save With Savvy shows you the exact price for, say, different brands of whole wheat bread, allowing you to comparison shop at home! For any given item, you can see the total cost and per unit cost. It was pretty amazing to see how much prices varied. Fuji apples were $.59/lb at Trader Joe’s, and $1.99/lb at Vons.

When you finish, Save With Savvy will suggest where you can find items on your grocery list for less. The site adds up your total grocery bill and lets you print it out. Takes a lot of the guesswork out of couponing, huh?!

Save With Savvy will be stuffing your Frugal Festival Food! swag bags with pens and magnets. Get your tickets now!

Today’s giveaway: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

No doubt you’ve heard of America’s Cheapest Family, the seven-member Economides clan from Scottsdale, Arizona whose saving savvy have landed them on national TV. For a chance to win their new book, see below.

Steve and Annette Economides, New York Times best-selling authors, are on a mission to teach us the virtues of saving money on food with Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half. They write:

We are on a crusade to convince the world that frugality produces freedom (and fun) while a debt-riddled lifestyle only produces distress (and destruction).

Their 308-page book is filled with practical tips to cut your grocery bill in half. Learn about the power of planning, couponing, organizing your purchases, and gardening to help you save money. The recipes at the end of the book are a nice bonus.

One of my favorite chapters in the book is about the value of sitting down to dinner as a family. The Economides makes the point that there is no reason to clip coupons, tighten your belt, or cook when no comes for dinner. The authors are candid and let readers into their lives.

If you want to learn to save money, you have to read this book. Even if you are an experienced bargain hunter you’ll pick up new tips. To win one of five signed copies of Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half, share your most memorable family dinnertime story with us. Or buy it on Amazon for $9.91. The winner will be announced June 14!

Win 5 $50 Am Ex gift cards from LOZO!


Save hundreds on groceries with LOZO's free tools!

LOZO, a site that matches your grocery list with coupons, is celebrating the upcoming launch of their new service with 5 $50 gift cards from American Express. These will be raffled off at Frugal Festival Food! (See all the raffle and door prizes.)

LOZO’s coupons could save you as much as $1,000 per year on groceries, but who has time to find them?

LOZO tracks hundreds of free grocery coupons, then emails you when they find ones that match your list. It’s basically Extreme Couponing without the extreme hours of collecting and organizing coupons. Type in your grocery list once and LOZO will send you grocery coupons for as long as you want to keep saving. It’s a super easy way to save money on groceries!

To be part of the new site, sign up at LOZO now.

To win one of the five $50 Am Ex cards, get your Festival tickets now!