Thanks for a great Festival!


99 Cent Chef and Bargain Babe

Finally caught my breath after the super busy Frugal Festival Food! We have tons of photos from the event and a video. Festival goers gobbled up delicious fresh fruit from Albertsons, relished the Coupon Challenge contest sponsored by and Albertsons, and went home with sooo many raffle and door prizes.

Listening to feedback, next year we will make significant changes:

  • Have three separate check in lines for VIPs, Goldstar, and day of ticket sales
  • Begin checking in guests as soon as they arrive
  • Limit door prizes to Goldstar members only
  • Display a map of the Festival grounds at the entrance
  • Have more vendors and classes!

See you next year!

5 responses to “Thanks for a great Festival!

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  2. Had a great time – enjoyed the yummy samples – won a raffle prize – talked to some great people – even while waiting in line met some fun people.

    Thanks Julia !

  3. Thank you too Julia, for all your hard work! Keep me in mind if you need help for next year. I’d love to be involved!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Been a big fan of Albertsons while living in LA.

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