Final ONLINE giveaway – from The Coupon Wallet!


Sea Coral: One of my favorite Deluxe Organizer patterns from The Coupon Wallet.

Couponing may be getting a bad rap thanks to TLC’s Extreme Couponing, but there’s no reason why you can’t coupon sensibly – and stylishly!

The Coupon Wallet makes coupon organizers in dozens of patterns and prints. From fuschia paisely to a giraffe pattern, florals, stripes, and polka dots. A little known-fact about The Coupon Wallet is that they still manufacturer in LA.

Today, we are giving away a Basic Organizer (retails for $12.95), a Deluxe Organizer (retails for $19.95), and a Tote Bag (retails for $5.95) from The Coupon Wallet.

To win, comment on this post about how you currently organize your coupons. Winners will be announced Thursday, June 23, 2011.

If you’re coming to Frugal Festival Food! in LA on Saturday, June 25, we’ll have five tote bags and 10 basic organizers from The Coupon Wallet as first-come first-serve door prizes starting at 11 a.m. Plus, 10 The Coupon Wallet basic organizers will be given away in the 1:15 p.m. raffle!

Get your tickets now!

52 responses to “Final ONLINE giveaway – from The Coupon Wallet!

  1. I currently use a zipped clear pouch to carry my coupons into the store. I would love to have something that functions well and is super stylish!

  2. I am embarrassed to say that my coupons are in a mini accordion file, so old that the elastic strap is broken. The coupons are organized by aisle of how I enter my grocery store, left to right. If I have coupons for same item, first expiring item is in front. And, store coupons and manufacturing coupons are together for coupon stacking. A new organizer would be fab, as would a reusable tote!

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  4. I have looked high and low for any sort of coupon organizer at all and I’ve never had any luck! This organizer is AWESOME! I currently use plain white envelopes to house my coupons in different categories. Definitely not the most stylish way to go about it and it certainly gets messy and unorganized!

  5. Erica Reynoso

    Hi All! Ack! – I put them in my wallet so I know where they are. I always have ’em, but not necessarily in an organized fashion. Would love the fab organizer y’all are gifting. Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  6. I bought my first coupon organizer about 20 yrs ago, I loved it , made things so much easier. But sad to say, I’m still using it. Not as great when it is falling apart, taped together and I’ve had to write over the words where they have faded away. Really Need A New One !!

  7. I don’t have anything to keep my coupons in. I keep them in a pile in my kitchen and grab the ones I need when I go shopping. I would love to win this!!!

  8. I have NO organization to my coupons and they therefore are not getting used as they should. I subscribed to this website to HELP ME!!!! Good luck to me. I WANT to be an extreme couponer just don’t want to be a hoarder.

  9. Currently, my coupon filing style consists of what I would like to call “creative squishing.” That is, squishing them into the pockets of my jeans when I go grocery shopping, squishing them in between my mascara and my lipstick in my makeup bag, randomly dropping them into my purse so that they become squished…the list goes on. Needless to say, regardless of the method of creative squishing organization, I always have shame-facedly to give the crumpled up little money-savers to the cashier.

    I don’t mean to say I haven’t tried methods of non-creative squishing. I’ve tried envelopes (the entire thing gets squished), bullying the boyfriend into carrying them (risking the worst -losing all of them!), and those clear insert sheets in binders (to which I get the weirdest stares at the grocery store -I’m not weird I swear!).

    Any of your giveaway items, O’ very organized people of The Coupon Wallet, would be great! Those stares of “what is wrong with that girl” will turn into “wow that girl with that amazing coupon organizer is quite stylish!”

    • Christine Judd

      I squish the coupons in my pants as I use them also. How funny, I also been know to squish some in my sons pants if my pockets are to full.. I have a case of the squishes as well..LOL.. Also arent you amazed how other couponeers treat you when your not organized and messy… Laughing and trying to give you pointers.. I posted that in my comment as well. I have to say our shopping experiences mimic eachother.. Good Luck, on the winning the organizer.. Sounds like we both are in need..

  10. I’m using a Couponizer but unfortunately it’s falling apart. It’s great but it be every greater to win a new organizer. I’d be sure to model down the grocery aisles! LOL!

    @Arlene C.- I’m really impressed by your organization. I hadn’t thought about organizing my coupons by aisle. That’s a great idea!

  11. I stuff my coupons in my pocket and usually forget to use them. I really need a coupon organizer.

  12. Harold Ibarra

    I organize my coupons by…wait, this sentence is already a lie. I don’t organize my coupons at all! At least not yet, ’cause I usually stuff them in my glove box, especially for fast food places like Carl’s Jr. and Del Taco. πŸ™‚ I want that organizer for my wife, though, ’cause she would really like it!

  13. I wish you were having the festival in Houston Texas

  14. I use a mini file wallet and organize them by type, then by expiration date

  15. I have a cloth coupon accordion file, but it’s very cheap and about to fall apart!

  16. I stuff all my coupons in an envelope. I try and sort them and put them in the envelope by category. I really could use a coupon organizer that won’t tear like an envelope!

  17. I am switching to a binder. I have too many coupons for the accordian file.

  18. The pattern is so cute, much cuter than the plain blue one I currently have! Plus my current organizer only has 4 pockets, not very handy!

  19. I need to get more organized with my coupons. I keep my coupons in a recycled cardboard mailing envelope. I go through them all each week when I make my shopping list. This would definitely come in handy :).

  20. When I clip coupons, they first get sorted into two stacks, food and non-food. From there they get further sorted into 2 small accordion-type files (also food and non-food) where I have dividers as to the general category, like paper goods, dental, snacks or soups. This seems to have worked pretty well in the past, except now these two files are rather old and are held together by rubber bands. A new organizer would be awesome!!

  21. I’m a young couponer, (going to be a Sophomore in college) I started to coupon to fund the rare trips to see my boyfriend who is stationed in Seattle, Washington (Army) since I go to school in Massachusetts.

    As of right now I collect my coupons in a simple school two pocket folder and try it keep it with me at all times. Because I keep them all together I usually organize them by what I need and expiration dates before bed. (Some college student? haha)

    I have yet to break down and buy a binder and plastic inserts. (not until I find a good deal on some) But, I would recommend that route to everyone :)!

  22. I shove all coupons in a special place in the purse I use but most of the time, they get ripped, ruined or shoved so far down, I forget about them and they expire. A new cute organized would be perfect to help contain one little thing in my life!!!

  23. I organize my coupons in a binder… Love it because it’s easy to find coupons for items while shopping…. perfect for those “impulse buys”

  24. I currently paper clip coupons to my shopping list…i would LOVE a coupon organizer

  25. My coupons are also in a mini accordion file with a broken elastic strap as well! Mine are organized by aisle. I would love a new one mine is literally falling apart! However, unless there is a coupon for an organizer, I will probably keep my busted looking one.

  26. Michelle Ventresca

    After watching Extreme couponing, I’m kind of embarrassed at my haphazard way of keeping my coupons..There is no rhyme or reason, I just keep them in my purse so they are always there, but in no particular order. Sometimes they even expire before I get to use them and I am really bummed after that. I sure could use an organizer so I don’t miss any deals that I should be using…..with money so tight all I can say is “shame on me”!

  27. im new to couponing and would love this to organize

  28. My grocery are in the 13 file organizer that I bought in the dollar section, for my target coupons – it’s in a clear envelope, and all the rest of my restaurants and stores, etc. are in a big clear plastic envelope shoved in my car…. I was just about to buy a new organizer… but will wait and hope and beg to win this one!!!!

  29. I have an organizer that wasn’t meant for coupons but it works pretty good. But the dividers leave something to be desired. They are a mixed bunch of sizes and colors.
    Some are stiff, some are very flexible. Some have windows for the category bu they tend to fall out. I have ordered a few organizers online but this little clutch seems to work the best for me.

  30. I file the whole coupon booklets in storage bins and just cut them as needed before heading out to the stores.

  31. I currently use an old plastic xylaphone style divider that I separate by month.
    I’ve had it for close to 8 years and I’m pretty sure the bungy strap that holds it closed is doesn’t have much more time before it breaks… Hopefully it’ll last until I can get (or win) a new one! πŸ™‚

  32. Jessica Hernandez

    I use a small index card/recipe divider box. I would love to get something bigger and more stylish!

  33. I have two ways I keep my coupons. One is my hanging file folder bin which holds all the newspaper coupon inserts for about 3 months, then I have my COUPON WALLET! I use my coupon wallet to store all my coupons that I receive in the mail and from Catalia machines. I cut my coupons as I go and carry them to the store in my Coupon Wallet. I’ve had mine for about two years and it’s starting to look a little faded, I was actually thinking of getting a new one. The Coupon Wallet is incredible, it holds everything!

  34. I use a gallon size ziplock bag, and a legal size envelop within that for small coupons.

  35. My coupons are all in a manila file folder together. Unfortunately my current system of (dis)organization means that I tend to miss some of the coupons until after they expire! I could really use those coupon organizers!

  36. I use a small envelope. While they are all in one spot, it’s hard to keep them organized and I often don’t realize what I have and good coupons end up expiring before I use them. Would love this organizer.

  37. I file my coupons in a plastic shoe box with index card dividers such as one that says beverages, household items, frozen foods, etc.

  38. My coupons are a mess! Stuffed in my purse, in the door of my car, and in my wallet. Hellllpppp!!!!

  39. I have three places for coupons. 1) I have an expandable wallet that is overflowing – it is held closed with a big rubber band! This goes in my purse. 2) I have a folder for “mostly current” circulars & keep the coupons I don’t clip there. It comes in handy for an “oddball” item. 3) I have another folder for mostly expired items. On occasion I go through this and discard if “everything” is expired.

  40. Mine are in a big three-ring binder, tucked into plastic baseball card sheets (which, of course, I got for free on Amazon from doing surveys!) It’s serviceable but really bulky, especially when trying to flip through it in a crowded aisle or juggle it with a shopping basket. (When I can, I get a cart and prop it up in the child seat, but I live in Washington D.C., so stores are smallish and crowded and a cart isn’t always available). I’d love something a bit lighter and easier to carry!

  41. Organize my coupons? I don’t…I find them everywhere (usually after they are expired)…they are in my car side pocket, in my glove compartment, on my refrigerator, in my kitchen “junk drawer” and shoved in my purse…I NEED this organizer so I can become an efficient coupon collector/user. Please take pity on my good intentioned coupon cutting self.

  42. I don’t really have a coupon organization system as of now. Most of my coupons are loosely stored in a drawer which makes it nearly impossible to find them when I need them. Especially when I work full time and have two young boys. I would love a coupon organizer to help save me more money and time!

  43. I use one of those plastic dividers my kids use to section off different subjects. It has pockets on both sides and I cut off the top portion to just above the pocket. On one side I have index card dividers to categorize and on the other side I keep the high value ones I want to use right away. Cheap but and sort of gets the job done. Doesn’t take up alot of width in my purse but doesn’t hold a whole lot.

  44. As of now I just date every SS & RP and put them on a box. When I need them I search for the coupon and pile them up by store and paper clip them…

  45. we use a small coupon wallet to take to the store, and then have coupons sorted in envelopes by store name with attached sale ad, so we can organize our trips

  46. Shelly Burklund

    Mine is ia small plastic accordian-like organizer. I have made up my own tabs “breakfast, beauty, cleaning, etc.” and it works ok. It is always too stuffed though so the elastic band has broke on mine too. I would love a “real” coupon organizer. Thanks for the contest

  47. I write the date on the front of the coupon insert/booklet, open the front page, staple them together, then stack them in a notebook. (I actually am far too disorganized to keep up with hundreds of little pieces of paper. so had to find someway that worked.)I have just written a book on REALISTIC couponing for the busy, tired, and disorganized- Couponing For All. It will be published this week!!! I would love to have one of these to keep my loose coupons and rain checks in, though. You are making a difference with all you do to help in today’s economy. Thank you.

  48. Christine Judd

    Organize..not here.. I have a little cheap kids wallet that has no dividers in it. Sometimes I paper clip them, but they get torn when sorting them so I stopped that method. I got laughed at the other day from some couponeers at the local Harris Teeter for not being organized and my coupons kept falling on the floor. One lady was bragging about organizing by isle.. Organize by category.. but my goodness dont coupon shop without being organized, she stated im missing out on the deals messing with my coupon mess. Please Frugal Festival:: Help me organize my coupons, so I can more time shopping for big deals and less time picking up coupons and walking down the isle in coupon shame..

  49. I have a coupon wallet of sorts from the dollar store, but I sure could use one that has more spots for favorite foods/coupons we use weekly! I always end up leaving it in the car too. HELP! I could use this for sure!!

  50. Hey . I would like to konw how to put this site to my desktop so I can just double click to view your page . I just know hwo to bookmark. Thank you!!!


  51. Good article. I’m going through a few of these issues as well..

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