Today’s giveaway: Money-saving recipes

If you’re searching for tasty, money-saving recipes, you’re in luck. Gooseberry Patch sent us their Money-Saving Recipes cookbook. To win one of two copies we are giving away, see below.

Authors Vickie and JoAnn started Gooseberry Patch after many conversations over their backyard fence. Back in 1984, they were neighbors raising small children. They discovered their shared interest in cooking and began work on cookbooks. “Money-Saving Recipes” is a compilation of their favorite frugal recipes. They write:

If you are looking for some delicious, budget-friendly recipes for family meals, you’ve come to the right place!

The 127-page cookbook is tiny, but packed with delicious recipes for breads, desserts, main entrees, soups and salads, and sandwiches. The small size of the book is convenient as it’s not flimsy and you can cart it around the kitchen easily.

Each recipe comes with an introduction that includes thrifty tips. One of my favorite things is that most of the recipes are one-pot meals. I love cooking, but not doing dishes. This makes clean up a breeze. How does Pizza Mac and Cheese sound for a hectic weeknight when you have to pull dinner together fast? Or Tomato-Beef Stew for a homey weekend?

If you’d like to win a copy of “Money-Saving Recipes” leave a comment letting us know who does the dishes in your home. Winners will be revealed tomorrow, June 21. You can also win one of 8 copies we are giving away as door prizes at Frugal Festival Food! on June 25 in LA or purchase the book on Amazon for $7.95.


35 responses to “Today’s giveaway: Money-saving recipes

  1. I do the dishes with the help of the dishwasher!!
    cjwallace43 at gmail dot com

  2. I know I’m not eligible to win, but I couldn’t resist answering the question. In my house, if I cook, my husband cleans and vice versa. I’m curious how other people do it!

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  4. Mostly me, but sometimes my husband will do them.

  5. I alternate with my sons to do the dishes.

  6. My husband does the dishes!! I cook; he cleans. It’s not vice versa in our house because he does not cook. It’s much safer that way, trust me.

  7. If I cook others have to do the dishes, and vice versa.

  8. I do the dishes most of the time

  9. usually my brother 😉

  10. I’ll do the dishes using the dishwasher, but many times my husband ends up doing the “non-dishwasher” dishes…I grew up with a dishwasher and he didn’t….

  11. Dishwasher physically does the dishes. I unload/put away the dishes [sometimes load it, too] When I don’t load the dishes, my wife does.

  12. The dishwasher does the heavy work, but I or my husband will rinse and load the dishes in the dishwasher which is a part of “doing the dishes”.

  13. Michelle Ventresca

    My husband and I both do the dishes. There is no conversation such as “you do them now, it’s your turn” – he just does them! Sometimes when he comes home late and I prepare dinner for him after I’ve already eaten, he will STILL do his own dishes, knowing I’m tired too…..He’s quite a man!

  14. Christine Judd

    As a family of three, not a day goes by when everyone has had part of the dish cleaning. I wash pots and pans, my sons loads the dishwasher with cups and silverware, and lastly my husband loads the rest of the glass dishes into the dishwasher. We are all responsible for keeping up our home..

  15. Our rule is if one does the cooking, the other does the dishes. I tend to be the one who cooks more often 🙂

  16. I am the resident dishwasher :). I try to use as little water and as efficient a system as possible. Do you think that qualifies me as an energy star appliance :D?

  17. Buying regular produce from the grocery store is not great for the environment with all the pesticides and bio-engeenered food.

    So I go to Farmer’s Market’s…just a quick google will find the closest one to you. But here is the trick…shop towards the end of the market closing. Then ask nicely if you can get a discount since it is the end of ther selling day. Many will say “yes” because they want the last bit of business. You can also ask if they will “throw in something ‘free,” since it’s the end of day. Try to do this if there are no other shoppers around too/ It seems to work better.

  18. I do the dishes, with the help of the dishwasher. When everything doesn’t fit in the dishwasher then I hand wash, dry and put away. And I always hand wash my cast iron which I can’t live without. I would be lost in my kitchen without my cast iron skillets.

  19. I do the dishes, simply because it is just easier and quicker when I do – my hubby is usually helping with homework or just enjoying time with our son.

  20. As a single parent, I am left with the dishes. We do not have a dishwasher. On most days I stick with plastics and paper plates.

  21. Mr. Dishwasher and me!

  22. Myself or my husband will load the dishwasher and then my kids unload. Sometimes their quality control is not so good, but it is good to have the family teamwork.

  23. the whole family pitches in

  24. im the dishwasher at my house. im patiently waiting for the day that my kids are tall enough to reach in the sink!

  25. Carol Elosser

    I do the dishes. I presoak as much as possible so they are relatively easy when the meal is done.

  26. My husband and I both do the dishes! I load the dishwasher – he washes the hand-wash ones (he’s a perfectionist, so no one else’s dishwashing would be good enough!) and I always dry and put away all the dishes, hand-washed or dishwasher-washed.

  27. Thankfully we have a dishwasher. I’m usually the one who loads/unloads it and puts them away.

  28. We take turns.

  29. My two girls (ages 10 & 13) usually take turns doing the dishes in our house. They were very disappointed when we moved last summer to a house with no dishwasher.

  30. We each put our dirty dishes, utensils, etc. straight into the dishwasher as soon as we finish using them so the dishes don’t pile up in the sink. It’s a team effort! However, I wait until the dishwasher is full to run it to save water.

  31. ugh, that would be ME and my love lovely machine dish washer! for a family of 5 its a MUST

  32. 45 percent me, 45 percent my husband, 10 percent dishwasher. If I prep meals, my husband does dishes and vice versa. For big dinners for our family of three, we run dishwasher about once a week.

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  34. I’m the full-time dishwasher and my husband is the the full-time vacuum cleaner. It definately works for us.

  35. I do the dishes hubby does mostly everything except dishes!

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