Reader winners: Wildly Affordable Organic

Below you’ll find the names of the two lucky winners of Linda Watson‘s “Wildly Affordable Organic.”

In my review, I described how Watson set out to prove she and her husband could eat healthy on a tight budget. In the 235-page book, she shows you can do it too. Watons shares tips and tricks she’s learned, seasonal menus, shopping lists, and recipes to ease into a greener lifestyle. If you’d like to learn how to shop for organic food while on a budget, this book is for you.

I asked you to share what steps you’ve taken to save the planet while staying on a budget and this is what the winners are doing.

katswan is gardening.

I make my own compost and grow rogue veggies….I just dump my fruit and veggie trimmings into a hole I’ve dug in the backyard, the worms come racing to it and before you know it I have a beautiful spot to plant a seedling! Although, I usually have wild plants sprouting up from this source….spaghetti squash, butternut squash, onions, potatoes, avocado trees, leeks, beets, carrots, tomatoes, peach tree and chestnut trees just to name a few!

Sue W. is trying to buy more organic foods.

I always compare the prices between organic and non-organic grown fruits and veggies at the store. I’m really surprised when the organic is only a few cents more. It makes me feel really good about my purchase!

Winners, I hope this book helps you enjoy organic foods and their benefits while not breaking the bank. Send me an email with a shipping address so I can send you your copy of Wildly Affordable Organic.”

If you didn’t win, buy it on Amazon for $11.20 or win one of 8 copies that will be given away as door prizes at the Festival in LA on June 25. Don’t forget to check out today’s giveaway of “Money-saving recipes” for another chance to win!


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