Albertsons and Shortcuts Coupon Challenge!

albertsonsWant to test your coupon know-how? Take the Coupon Challenge, a fun contest to see who can find the best deals using an Albertsons circular and Shortcuts coupons at Frugal Festival Food! on June 25 in Canoga Park.

The first person who finds all the deals wins a gourmet food basket worth $300! The basket includes a $100 Albertsons gift card – wowee! On top of the prize, the winner will receive a coupons$100 donation in their name made to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, a gift made possible by Albertsons and Shortcuts.

The Coupon Challenge starts promptly at 12:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria so don’t be late!

Get your tickets to the Festival now!


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