Reader winners: Vegan on the Cheap

Below you’ll find the names of the two lucky winners of Robin Robertson’s Vegan on the Cheap!

If you missed my review, Robertson shares 150 mouth-watering recipes in her 258-page cookbook. The recipes are all vegan and cost less than $2 per serving. Recipes include soups and stews, skillet and slow-cooker recipes, and desserts. The premise behind this cookbook is that if you cut your meat consumption, you’ll save money on food. What I like is that Robertson includes a cost comparison chart to let you see how much it cost to make a meal versus the cost of buying it.

I asked you to share what your favorite vegetarian meal is and this is what the winners said.

Laura said she enjoys eating muffins. Who doesn’t? I think you should turn in your friend’s recipe to participate in our recipe contest!

My Best friend is Vegan and she makes these awesome Chocolate Avocado muffins! I was shocked they were so good!

Sharon Scott is taking baby steps to enjoying vegan food.

I recently joined PETA and am doing the “baby steps” sugestion. I have been substituting Portabello Mushrooms for 1/2 of the meat in a receipe. And I am learning new ways with Tofu. I would love the cookbook to help me in my process of going fully vegan.

Winners, I hope this cookbook helps you continue to eat vegetarian meals without sacrificing the taste. Send me an email with the address so I can send you your copy of “Vegan on the Cheap.”

If you didn’t win, buy Vegan on the Cheapon Amazon for $11.17 or win one of 8 copies that will be given away as door prizes at the Festival in LA on June 25. Don’t forget to check out today’s giveaway of “Gluten-free on a Shoestring” for another change to win!


One response to “Reader winners: Vegan on the Cheap

  1. Chocolate avocado muffins? I guess you could substitute the avocado for butter, but wouldn’t that radically alter the overall flavor?

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