New site to save money on groceries

saveTalk about new! Save With Savvy launched yesterday and can reduce your next grocery bill by approximately $31.13. I’m thrilled to partner with them at Frugal Festival Food! on June 25 in Canoga Park. I played around with the site and it’s pretty cool how it works! The site does three things to save you money:

  • compares prices at your neighborhood grocers
  • finds weekly specials
  • gives you easy access to coupons

Enter your zip code on the site and check off the stores you like to shop at. Then shop by category. Save With Savvy shows you the exact price for, say, different brands of whole wheat bread, allowing you to comparison shop at home! For any given item, you can see the total cost and per unit cost. It was pretty amazing to see how much prices varied. Fuji apples were $.59/lb at Trader Joe’s, and $1.99/lb at Vons.

When you finish, Save With Savvy will suggest where you can find items on your grocery list for less. The site adds up your total grocery bill and lets you print it out. Takes a lot of the guesswork out of couponing, huh?!

Save With Savvy will be stuffing your Frugal Festival Food! swag bags with pens and magnets. Get your tickets now!


6 responses to “New site to save money on groceries

  1. Sadly the site only serves the LA area. Hopefully they will expand to the east coast because it looks like a really cool idea.

  2. I hope you are meaning the east coast of the US, because I live in FL and there are too many of the bargains listed that are only good in CA.

    • @Pam I believe Save With Savvy is starting out with LA and hopes to branch out to other cities soon. There is certainly a need for this kind of thing nationwide! You might also try Flyerside.

  3. Make Money For Free

    great post thank you for sharing…

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