Today’s giveaway: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

No doubt you’ve heard of America’s Cheapest Family, the seven-member Economides clan from Scottsdale, Arizona whose saving savvy have landed them on national TV. For a chance to win their new book, see below.

Steve and Annette Economides, New York Times best-selling authors, are on a mission to teach us the virtues of saving money on food with Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half. They write:

We are on a crusade to convince the world that frugality produces freedom (and fun) while a debt-riddled lifestyle only produces distress (and destruction).

Their 308-page book is filled with practical tips to cut your grocery bill in half. Learn about the power of planning, couponing, organizing your purchases, and gardening to help you save money. The recipes at the end of the book are a nice bonus.

One of my favorite chapters in the book is about the value of sitting down to dinner as a family. The Economides makes the point that there is no reason to clip coupons, tighten your belt, or cook when no comes for dinner. The authors are candid and let readers into their lives.

If you want to learn to save money, you have to read this book. Even if you are an experienced bargain hunter you’ll pick up new tips. To win one of five signed copies of Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half, share your most memorable family dinnertime story with us. Or buy it on Amazon for $9.91. The winner will be announced June 14!


22 responses to “Today’s giveaway: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

  1. Christine Judd

    My most memorable dinner time, was at my wedding. My new husband and I had a little sweetheart table and faced the crowd and family. Well because we wanted to share more time with our families who traveled to see the wedding, we pulled all the tables together in a family circle.. I was great.. I huge circle of family and friends at my wedding.. Everyone had a great seat and could talk and see us.. Just getting that close to everyone on my wedding day made dinnertime a great memorable moment..

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  3. I don’t know that we have a “most” memorable story because every night at our
    house is memorable. Our evening meal is the only that we are all home at the
    same time to sit down and eat together. This is a very special time for us to share
    our day with each other – this keeps us all connected with each others daily routines. On the weekends we plan our menu for the week making dinner time
    less stressful. My husband helps with homework while I cook, then we all meet
    at the table for good food and conversation. It makes for memories every night.

  4. My most memorable family dinner time was when my brother and I went to disneyword with my parents for Thanksgiving and we went to a japaneese resturant and I ordered shrimp and I asked them to wrap up the left overs and when they returned to my table with the left overs they had made the alumunim foil in the shape of a duck I took a picture of it before I ate the leftovers later that day

  5. My first ‘big’ dinner as a newlywed with the requisite family from both sides. Along with the turkey remaining stuffed with it’s own innards (yuck) there were burnt rolls, hard as a rock butter molds, runny potatoes, basically whatever could go wrong, did. But I held my head up and my cooking is still the talk of many many many too many family get togethers.

  6. My most memorable dinner was Thanksgiving when we had a 2 month old newborn, our first child. We decided on a peaceful dinner just the 3 of us since things were frazzled enough and I had very little sleep for the first 2 months. Well, I stuffed the turkey and put it in the oven and went about making other preparations. After about 3 hours or so when the turkey was about due to be ready, opened the oven to find I’d forgotten to turn the oven on. I guess I was more frazzled than I thought. I never made that mistake again and my husband still ribs me about it to this day.

  7. While growing up my Grandparents would arrange potluck family get togethers at Christmas Time and in the summer. We would all join hands for a family prayer and then sit down to a very large family meal and getting caught up with our cousins. I miss those days and dearly miss my Grandparents.

  8. My favorite dinner story was after my brothers and boyfriend of about 3 weeks came back from a long weekend of fishing. We had a nice dinner waiting for them and while they were chatting up the stories of the one that got away, there was a pause in the conversation and my 1 brother said “you know, John would make a really cool brother-in-law!” I thought my father was going to choke! Well, he was right, it’s been almost 22 years we’ve been married! I still laugh when I think if my son ever says that to his sister’s new boyfriend, what will my husband say? LOL

  9. In our large family (7 kids), meal time is less food, more dinner theater. My favorite is when my two younger boys were doing the dialogue from Star Wars I. When they came to the part about the droidikas — without missing a beat — one got up from the table and started doing sumersaults

  10. My favorite dinner story is after a long fishing weekend with my 2 brothers, my boyfriend of 3 weeks stayed for dinner to chat about the weekend. There was a pause in the conversation and my one brother said “You know, John would make a cool brother-in-law!” I thought my father was going to choke! That brother is a wise man, we’ve been married almost 22 years! I laugh when I think what my husband would say if my son said that to a very new boyfriend of my daughter’s! LOL

  11. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It seems like today it is skiped over,we go from Halloween to Christmas.I love Thanksgiving because it is a day to celebrate all the things we have to be thankful for; A day that is spent with those we love.We are a nation that is busy and the family sitting down together for a meal is pushed aside for other things.Thanksgiving is my most memorable dinner because my family sits down together sharing the love and laughter.

  12. My favorite dinner story is when my 2 brothers and then ‘new’ boyfriend of 3 weeks took a long weekend fishing trip. When they got back, we all had dinner together to talk about the weekend. There was a pause in the conversation and my one brother said “you know, John would make a cool brother-in-law!” and I thought my father was going to choke! That brother knew what he was talking about! We’ve been married almost 22 years! I laugh thinking about what my husband might say if my son said that about his sister’s ‘new’ boyfriend!

  13. My most memorable family meal was when both sides of my family came over for a birthday party. I prepared so many different entrees so that everyone would have something to choose from. They all dug into everything and told me how great it was. It was only after that I told everyone that it was all meat-free. They ate tofu, seitan, quorn, and were none the wiser! I was so happy that they all enjoyed it!

  14. I remember one thanksgiving when I had all my kids with me and the picnic table to sit at..We had the counters full of home made breads and pies and the kitchen table with all the fixens for a tridional thanksgiving..The thing I remember most was the food fight we ended up haveing just as a bit of fun lol.

  15. Probably the first night we brought our daughter home from the hospital. It was that night we were a family of 3 instead of 2.

  16. Alanna Taylor

    I don’t think I can pick just one. Recently I’m enjoying all our dinners. Our youngest daughter is 9 months old and joined us at the table about 3 months ago. Our oldest daughter is 2 1/2 so she is starting to participate more in family “conversations”. It’s so nice to get home from work and sit at the table with my husband and girls and just enjoy each other’s company. My younger daughter has recently started “talking” and she contributes a lot of bababa to the conversation πŸ™‚

  17. Most memorable family dinner was on vacation while the children were small. We enjoyed
    dinner in Cinderellas Castle in Disney World thoroughly!

  18. Most memorable… well that’s a hard one. Since my mom worked 3rd shift growing up, we didn’t have very many sit down family meals together. Now that I am married, we have 2 young children and keeping them occupied and not throwing food at each other or us tends to make for a very “exciting” if not memorable event EVERY DAY πŸ™‚ My 2 yr old son is very good at mixing his food. The other day, he ate his oatmeal with tortilla chips πŸ™‚

  19. my most memorable is definitely a family halloween party (family including extended family with cousins, aunts, and uncles) when i was maybe like 10. it was memorable because i remember all the families getting together pre-dinner. while the adults prepared the food, the kids started putting together their costumes. this was before the time when all costumes were bought, so we still had to scavenger through our parents’ old stuff to become the princess and the pirates that we wanted. lots of fun!!

  20. My most memorable family dinner is when I made my first “successful” gluten free meal for my husband who has celiac disease. I had many failures especially with cakes before I finally made a good meal that everyone could actually eat.

  21. I remember a Thanksgiving dinner a couple years ago when my grandparents were telling stories about their childhood. I found it so fascinating since times were so different back then.

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