Swag bags are here!!!!


Free swag bags at Frugal Festival Food!

Swag bags arrived!!! Our Envirosax nylon bags are super swanky and alone sell for $9, but they are free with your $5 admission! (Bring a canned good for the $5 ticket, otherwise admission isĀ  $10.)

You’ll get your own swag bag when you arrive at Frugal Festival Food on June 25 in Canoga Park. They come in five colors: red, forest green, chocolate, sage, and kelly green.

Each swag bag includes:

  • A $25 gift card to Restaurant.com
  • One raffle ticket (check out the raffle and door prizes)
  • Special recipes from AllRecipes.com
  • Plus coupons, recipes, and more!

Our $15 VIP tickets already SOLD OUT.

Get your tickets now!


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