Parking situation at Frugal Festival Food!


Parking map at Festival

There is limited free parking at Canoga Park High School for Frugal Festival Food! guests on June 25.

To park for free, enter on Vanonwen where either of the black arrows are shown in the picture at right. We will have a parking attendant guiding you in. These two lots will hold about 50-70 cars.

The Festival is about 200 feet north of the parking lots. Look for signs and volunteers guiding you to the entrance.

If the two lots at Canoga Park High School fill up, which we expect them too, you can try parking on the other side of Vanowen at the mall, which is also free. Apparently, teachers park there all the time with no problem. But make sure to read any posted signs to make sure you can leave your car there.


4 responses to “Parking situation at Frugal Festival Food!

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  2. I’ll be there early (as close to 9:00 as possible), and will be happy to do any volunteer duties you need the most. Looking forward to a great Fest!!!

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