Awesome giveaways from – make your money back at Festival!

Shortcuts is giving away $5 grocery gift cards to anyone who signs up for its site at Frugal Fest!

OMG! Just got off the phone with Ferha at Shortcuts, a Festival sponsor, and I’m sooo0 excited about what they are doing at Frugal Festival Food! on June 25. Check it out:

  • Raffling off five $100 gift cards to Target,,,, and!
  • Giving away Shortcuts travel mugs, re-usable water bottles, and pens.
  • Sharing Top 10 Ways to Save tip sheet for groceries and everyday purchases.
  • Handing out $5 grocery gift cards to every person who signs up for Shortcuts, a grocery coupon site that also offers cash back rebates when you shop online. This means sign up for Shortcuts and you MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK! Tickets are $5 with a canned good for the LA Regional Food Bank, so with the $5 grocery gift card from Shortcuts you essentially get in for FREE!!!!

Get your tickets now!


4 responses to “Awesome giveaways from – make your money back at Festival!

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  2. lorena sacco


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