Recap: Frugal Fest was a blast!

Some 250 swappers showed up at the NoHo PAC Saturday to swap clothes, jewelry, shoes, media, and housewares. A steady stream of swappers began dropping off items and checking in at 10 a.m. and kept coming until the swap began at 1 p.m. Our amazing crew of volunteers – Yazmin, Ellie, Stacy, Kristin, Jeanne, Leslie, Bobbi, Ellen, Angela, Natane, Meital, and Morgan – sorted each donation as swappers dropped them off.

It was amazing to see the room fill up! Tables were piled three feet high with clothes, the perimeter of the room was lined with men’s clothes, scarves, dresses, jewelry, and shoes. We covered the stage with housewares, books, DVDs, and records. [See photos here.]

Nearly every swapper was lined up outside when we opened the doors promptly at 1 p.m. We cheered them on as they rushed in to begin the swap. Swappers surrounded the tables three deep, buzzing around the room to find the best items. It was mayhem!

Swappers snapped up the majority of items within 30 minutes!!! A lot of folks took a break from the swapping madness in the lobby of the NoHo PAC and waited for the raffle to begin at 2 p.m. Another few dozen people came at 2 p.m., when admission was free, to see what was left. At the end of the day we had just five bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill. Everything else found a home!

For my part, I snagged a string of fuzzy magenta balls that is a cross between a scarf and a boa. I wore it during the entire event and towards the end a woman approached me.

“I’m so glad Bargain Babe is taking home my scarf!”

“This is yours? I love it! It’s so soft and fuzzy.”

“Well, it’s rabbit balls.”


“It’s made of rabbit fur.”

Oh my! I was enjoying the swap too much to take home anything else,  but I definitely want to go to another swap. Can you believe the Frugal Festival Summer Swap was my first swap? Are there any good ones coming up?

For more info about next year’s Frugal Fest, join my email list. Thanks to our incredible sponsors, WalletPop, Goldstar,, Holiday Inn Santa Monica,,, Free Fun LA, Secrets of a Stingy Scoundrel, the 99 Cents Only Cookbook, and Yelp for making the event possible. My swap co-hosts, Amy and Melissa of were amazing to work with. Let’s do it again soon!


One response to “Recap: Frugal Fest was a blast!

  1. Clothing Swap events can be fun – but – they can also be hot, crowded or scheduled on the same day as your best friends bridal shower. That’s why I started an online swap. No malls, no line-ups, no crowds – just hundreds and hundreds of free clothing!It runs off of Facebook, by the name suzieswapper. You should check it out!

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