Parking at the Frugal Festival


Lance McCord/Flickr

As Angelenos we all agree cheap and convenient parking is important. I scoped out the neighborhood to give you the low-down on the parking sitch near the Frugal Festival, June 19 at the NoHo Performing Arts Center, 11020 Magnola Blvd in North Hollywood.

Magnolia Boulevard – Between Lankershim and Vineland grab whatever metered parking spot you can find. These are the closest and cheapest spots to the event. Most of the meters are for one hour. Bring quarters!

Blakeslee Avenue – You’ll find a good number of metered spots for four hours.

Lankdershim Boulevard – Metered spots, but lots of competition for space.

McCormick Street – Limited number of metered spots for four hours on this small side street.

Weddington Street – Some metered parking. The parking structure at 5250 Weddington is pricey: $1.25/15 mins up to $15 max.

NoHo Commons Retail Parking off Weddington Street – It’s  unclear if this free parking is for the general NoHo Arts District, which includes the Frugal Festival venue, or just for NoHo Commons retailers. Make sure to read all signs if you park here.


Directions to the Frugal Festival

Tickets to the Frugal Festival


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