Raffle prizes and sponsors at this year’s festival

restaurantWe have some exciting new sponsors and veterans from last year’s Frugal Festival getting involved this year. Many are contributing to the raffle, which is free to everyone who comes to the swap. Make sure to get your raffle ticket when you check in!

NEW! Mani-Kir Royale will be offering special mani/pedi rates exclusively for swappers and has donated a gift certificate for a free manicure to our raffle. The hour break between drop off and the start of the swap is the perfect amount of time to get your nails done.

NEW! Restaurant.com has donated hundreds of $25 gift cards. We are stuffing one in each reusable bag given to every swapper who buys a ticket. If you upgrade to a VIP bag, you’ll get two!

NEW! Secrets of a Stingy Scoundrel has donated 25 copies of this hilarious money-grubbing book – one for each VIP bag!

WalletPop, a fun, newsy personal finance blog, has generously donated to the raffle a waterproof Ipod boombox, below, which sells on Amazon for $70.

Holiday Inn Santa Monica is raffling off a two-night hotel stay that includes free parking. Plus, the Holiday Inn is donating 25 free drink vouchers for our 25 VIP bags.

LOZO.com, a brand new site that helps you save money on everything from autos to utilities, is donating one free movie pass to each of our 25 VIP bags. Score!

One of my favorite sites for online coupons, Savings.com, is raffling off a $200 hot pink iPod. Oh baby!starbucks

Free Fun LA, a site that lists fun and frugal events in Los Angeles, is donated 25 copies of its guidebook to our VIP bags. Ohhhhh. Aahhhhhhh.

Starbucks is donating samples of its newish VIA instant coffee for when you need a quick hit of their famous brew.


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