Introducing…the 2010 Frugal Festival Summer Swap!


Shoes I plan to swap!

Drumroll, please. This year’s Frugal Festival is a clothing swap!

Everyone is invited to bring gently-used clothes, shoes, accessories, DVD/CD/media, and housewares to trade with others on June 19  at the NoHo Performing Arts Center. Each swapper will receive a FREE reusable bag to keep their fantastic finds. There will also be RAFFLE PRIZES just for coming and sharing your crap, I mean, super cool treasures.

We are proud to be hosting this event with TheSwapaholics, two lovely ladies from Boston who have organized many, many swaps.

The NoHo PAC is located at 11020 Magnolia Blvd. Please drop off your swappables between 10 a.m. and noon. Then grab a cup of coffee, get your nails done, or browse the nearby thrift stores until 1 p.m., when the swap begins. Admission is $5 if you bring swappables and $10 if you come empty-handed. We are also selling 25 VIP tickets through Goldstar for those who want a front-of-the-line pass, a copy of the Free Fun LA guidebook, and other sweet perks.

All leftover items will be donated to Goodwill. Plus, a $1 from each ticket sold will be donated to charity.

RSVP by clicking on the piggy on the upper right side of this page. I’m already setting aside stuff to swap, including a pair of brown suede flats with purple trim by PINK, above. What are you going to swap?


9 responses to “Introducing…the 2010 Frugal Festival Summer Swap!

  1. Is the $5 / $10 –‘by donation noone turned away for lack of funds, or is it a required fee –for the Frugal Festival Summer Swap?

  2. Julia Scott CEO, responded:
    “…The swap is from 1-3pm and at 2:00pm admission becomes FREE. ..”

    –So other questions are:
    1). Will folks be welcome to still bring stuff at 2:00pm?
    2). Will everyone be laying out their bags of stuff out themselves at 2pm, –so they can be assured its not picked thru 1st by staff –but instead immediately accessible to anyone?
    3). Is anyone welcome to volunteer between 10am and 1pm –instead of paying the entrance fee and bringing stuff(so long as they contact you before you have all the volunteers you need)?
    4). And like all other swaps where people drop off stuff in advance –are the staff( and volunteers?) allowed to pick thru and take things before the Swap officially begins at 1:00pm and the people who have paid and brought stuff get to look/take things?

  3. This Festival and Swap are going to be SO awsome! We LOVE the Swapaholics & their SWAP SHEET with listings and reviews about swaps all over the U.S. It’s so great to see a large organized swap event coming to Southern California. Hope to see more of this – soon.

    – HPSwap promotes and organizes swap parties and community exchange events in Southern California.

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  6. Can I volunteer for the frugal fest?

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