Really free swap meet at Frugal Fe$tival

Swapmeet findsA wonderful reader and volunteer named Bobbi has agreed to run a free swap meet at Frugal Fe$tival!

A REALLY FREE SWAP is like a yard sale, except everything is free. You bring things to put into the swap and then take whatever you want. Ideally, everyone will bring some things, but you don’t have to.

Your junk is someone else’s treasure. Here are some of the kind of things that people can bring: clothing, books, dvds, current software (please don’t bring really old outdated software that won’t run on current computers), fruit/vegetbles/herbs from your garden, jewelry, nic nacks, toys/games, art, jewelry, costumes, and housewares.

In general bring cool things in good condition that someone would need and like but that you don’t want or can’t use.

You can also bring services and entertainment that you would like to give away or share, like haircuts, hair braiding, guitar lessons, face painting, massage, magic tricks, lessons of any sort (jump rope, musical instrument, juggling, etc.)

It would also be very good if people could bring extra tables, pop up tents, shade making things, picnic blankets and chairs… actually everyone should bring their own chairs.

It is also wise to bring a bag of some sort to put the things that you will be taking back from the swap.

Please DO NOT bring candles, anything that will melt or go bad or be ruined if left in the sun, broken, ruined or not working things, especially electronics (we will not have electricity so will not be able to see if things work), anything inappropriate for children to see, touch and want, anything illegal, and really big items.

At the end of the swap, whatever is left will be donated to a local charity. Anyone who would like to help with the swap please contact Bobbi at


2 responses to “Really free swap meet at Frugal Fe$tival

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  2. I thought this was such a great addition to the frugal festival! I wish I brought other things, but my car was already loaded with other things to set up. I can’t wait to hear about the next one, Bobbi! I put my name on the email list, but even if the next one is not in my area, I would love to participate. Thank you for the great idea bobbi!

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