100 $1 v. 1 $100

100 bill usAt Sunday’s Frugal Fe$tival BargainBabeLA.com is raffling off $100. Call me crazy, but what is more frugal than free money? And I know how frugal you are.
I wasn’t sure whether to give it away as 100 $1’s or a single $100 bill so I put the vote to readers on BargainBabe.com, my other site. Here’s what you decided (as of Thursday morning):

Out of 133 votes, 45 people (34 %) said a $100 bill is way more impressive, 38 people (29%) said they don’t care as long as they win, and 34 people (26%) said they prefer the singles because it makes a bigger wad. Oh, and 16 people (12%) were pouting in the corner because they can’t attend the Fe$tival.

A single $100 bill wins! Now I’m off to the bank!

How much are raffle tickets? Free! Read how the raffle works here.


2 responses to “100 $1 v. 1 $100

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