Starbucks gift bags for raffle

Starbucks gift bags for ffCheck out these gift bags from Starbucks that we are giving away at Frugal Fe$tival. Each one contains a pound of coffee beans, a mug, a biscotti and a pack of gum that comes in a cool tin. We have five of these gift bags!

Other raffle prizes include a Toshiba lap top, two $25 Goldstar gift certificates, copies of 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget, copies of the 99 Cents Only Stores Cookbook, Frugal Fe$tival T-shirts, and a $100 in cold, hard cash.

There is no cost to enter the raffle. Each adult who attends the Frugal Fe$tival this Sunday, July 26 from 1 -4 p.m. will receive 10 tickets to enter whichever raffles interest them. The raffle starts at 3 p.m. so arrive at 1 p.m. so you have plenty of time to inspect all the raffle prizes!


7 responses to “Starbucks gift bags for raffle

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  4. I am an insulin dependant diabetic, is your lemonade (or other drinks aside from water) available sugar free?

    • frugalfestival

      Marsha, the lemonade has sugar in it. We are providing water, lemonade, Otter Pops, and possibly home made cookies if I can get my Mom to bake a few dozen batches. But those all have sugar. Feel free to bring your own (non-alcoholic) sugar free drinks and snacks!

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