People are talking about Frugal Fe$tival!

FrugalFestivalLATimes adEveryone is buzzing about Frugal Fe$tival!

  • The LA Times’ The Guide listed us, as did the younger, hipper Metromix.
  • The San Fernando Valley Biz Journal listed the event Monday.
  • listed the event in their monthly calender last week.
  • The LA Daily News listed the event Friday.
  • Feel the Nuys, an LA Daily News blog, previewed the Fe$tival. So did the Scavenging blog.
  • Check out this week’s edition of The Jewish Journal, which is slated to list the event and mention us in a story about saving money.
  • Did you see Tuesday’s LA Times? The massive 99 Cent Only Stores ad that ran on the back page of the front section, above, highlighted the Fe$tival. We’ll also be mentioned on their Web site and in an email blast to thousands of loyal shoppers.

For the rest of the buzzzzz about Frugal Fe$t, click here.


4 responses to “People are talking about Frugal Fe$tival!

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  2. Wow! It sounds like the FF is going to be the place to be this sunday. Sorry I can’t come down from SF, but it sounds like you have a winner.

    • frugalfestival

      Too bad, we just added a book exchange and I know you are a big reader. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out next week!

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