How Frugal Are You?

Hot Dogs 250 why pay 500Being a super competitive person I generally assume that everyone else likes to compete, too. So I’m running a How Frugal Are You? contest at the Frugal Fe$tival, which is this Sunday, July 26 from 1-4pm at Woodley Park in Van Nuys.

Start brainstorming your best frugal tip for the contest! As an example, you could say “I drive a car that runs on used vegetable oil saving me $200 a month on gasoline.” Or “I only buy groceries on sale and when I have a coupon.”

At the Frugal Fe$tival we’ll award prizes to the top three tipsters!

What are the prizes you say? They are hot pink Frugal Fe$tival T-shirts!!!


4 responses to “How Frugal Are You?

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  2. Rachelle Tuber

    I buy 99% of my kids’ clothing and toys from yard sales. I really love high-end clothes, but don’t want to pay high-end prices! My kids are always complimented on how stylish they are, yet pretty much everything they own is second-hand (but doesn’t look it)! This includes clothing from Gymboree ($1 for an outfit from last year’s line), our outdoor play structure ($350+ new, I paid $65 at a yard sale and had it delivered to my door), our double stroller ($365 new, I paid $60 and resold later for $50), our outdoor basketball hoop ($5), various Disney Princess dresses ($2 apiece), bicycles ($5 apiece), etc., etc., etc.

  3. Rachelle Tuber

    Yes, and there is a difference between being frugal and being cheap! I am not cheap. I just like quality for cheap prices!

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