What to do at Frugal Fe$tival

WoodleyPark site of Frugal Fe$tivalAhem. A few people have asked me exactly what we are going to do at Frugal Fe$tival. Here’s what!

  • Oggle the 28 raffle prizes we are giving away. Carefully debate which raffles to enter with your 10 free tickets that you got for coming. Squeeze all the blood out of your crossed fingers as well pick the winning tickets.
  • Exchange coupons. I’ve been saving up a BUNCH to get us started. Bring a few that you are never going to use and trade them in for ones you like!
  • Get free professional financial advice from Neal Frankle, who manages more than $100 million at Wealth Resources Group and blogs about personal finance on Wealth Pilgrim.
  • Nibble on a free fruit sample from the 99 Cent Only Stores.
  • Guess how much change I have been saving in my mason jar-piggy bank, Price is Right style. Whoever comes closest without going over wins!
  • Recycle your old cell phone and laser or ink jet printer cartridges. Planet Green will pay us for whatever we turn in and all proceeds go to the LA Food Bank.
  • Get coupon tips from the Savings.com crew. They’ll be out in force showing how easy it is to use their website to save money!
  • Meet me for a demo of my new site, BargainBabeLA.com, which helps Angelenos find and share deals using Google maps.
  • Get a cool drink of water or lemonade, on the house!
  • Mingle with other frugal folks while enjoying the totally shady Fe$tival grounds, above.
  • Submit your best frugal tip in the How Frugal Are You? contest. The top three frugal tipsters will win a Frugal Fe$tival T-shirt.

Remember to RSVP!


3 responses to “What to do at Frugal Fe$tival

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