10,001 Ways to Live Large at Frugal Fe$tival!!

Wise bread Book cover 10001 ways to live largeThree more great prizes have been added to the stack at Frugal Fe$tival: we are raffling off WiseBread’s 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget. Not that I’m trying to make you jealous, but I already have a copy and it is totally worth owning.

Here are some tips from their section on being green and frugal.

  • Use rags instead of paper towels. (I like the “ShamWow”-imitators Trader Joe’s sells two for $4)
  • Use mineral salt deodorant sticks, which don’t contribute plastic to landfills like traditional deodorants do.
  • Recycle old socks into dusters by cutting off the ribbed part. Slice the ribbed part into a square and voila – a new rag!
  • Shop for second had furniture, clothing, toys, kitchenware, and even cars
  • Give new life to slightly stained shirts by tie-dyeing them.
  • Turn your car off if you have to idle more than 30 seconds.
  • Install a timer on your water heater to it off outside of peak use
  • Turn your water heater off (or down) when you go on vacation

See? Good stuff! And that is just scratching the surface of this 346-page book. DISCLOSURE: BargainBabe.com is listed in the “Best Personal Finance Blog” section of 10,001 Ways to Live Large.

Other prizes include two $25 gift certificates to Goldstar.com, Frugal Fe$tival T-shirts, a one-hour private consultation with Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim and Wealth Resources Group, and two $20 gift cards to Gelsons, sponsored by BargainBabe.com!

Are you coming to Frugal Fe$tival to win one of these fabulous prizes? Remember to RSVP.


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