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Raffle prizes: iPod and 2-night hotel stay


Raffle prizes: iPod and hotel stay

Raffle goodies are arriving everyday for the Frugal Festival Summer Swap this Saturday, June 19 at the NoHo Performing Arts Center in North Hollywood. A hot pink 8 GB iPod Nano, donated by our sponsor, came in the mail. So did a 2-night hotel stay at the Santa Monica Holiday Inn, which includes parking and tax. Talk about a staycation!

Everyone receives one free raffle ticket with paid admission. Other raffle prizes include:

  • Waterproof iPod boombox
  • Free manicure at Mani Kir-Royale down the street from the swap
  • Set of four Easy Lunchboxes with two nylon travel cases
  • Two copies of the 99 Cents Only Cookbook

Get your ticket to the swap. Need directions or parking tips? Curious how the swap works?

Win a Free Manicure at Frugal Fe$t!

You read that right: if you come swap with us next Saturday, June 19, at the Frugal Fe$t, you’ll be automatically entered to win a gift certificate for a FREE manicure. How cool is that?

Deborah at Mani-Kir Royale in the NoHo Arts District will be offering special mani/pedi rates exclusively for swappers and has donated a gift certificate for a free manicure to our raffle! Mani-Kir Royale is located at 11008 Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, just around the corner from the NoHo Performing Arts Center. Plenty of time to polish up those fingers and toes before trying on some new-to-you summer shoes at the swap — just one more reason to come swap ’til you drop with us next Saturday, June 19th. :)

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, grab them now: these puppies are selling out FAST! Go to and then click on the link for Saturday June 19th (under the bright green bar) to buy your tickets. VIP tickets are $15 and include some super-awesome swag; regular tickets are $10 without stuff to swap, $5 with stuff to swap. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., broken up like this:

10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Drop off your swap donations
(clothes, CDs, DVDs, books, accessories, housewares) and grab a Swap Map at registration. We’ve partnered with local businesses in the NoHo Arts District to offer you some sweet deals and discounts, like the one at Mani-Kir Royale, to take advantage of while we…

12 to 1 p.m.
Swap closed to the public while we sort
& beautify the swap space, making it easier to shop the swap and find those new-to-you treasures.

1 to 3 p.m.
Swap ’til you drop!
VIP ticket holders move to the front of the line, and when we open the doors, it’s a mad dash to find your those dreamy swap scores. DJ Andie Cassette will be spinning records and providing an indie rock backdrop of beats while you sift through the swap for the best stuff. At 2 p.m., we’ll start the raffle (exclusively for ticket-holders) and will open up the swap FREE to the public.

Can’t wait to swap with you next Saturday!

Oh, and if you know any business owners in the NoHo Arts District who you think also need a place on our sweet Swap Map, please send them our way, or leave us a note in the comments and we’ll reach out!

See you soon,

~ Melissa & Amy
(aka The Swapaholics)

Frugal Fe$t T-shirts are here!

photo(7)Just picked up the Frugal Fe$tival T-shirts and WOW! They are SO awesome.

Get yours free by coming to the Fe$tival right when it starts at 1 p.m. this Sunday. The first 50 people get FREE Frugal Fe$tival T-shirts. A few others will be raffled off.

Need directions?

Curious about the 52 prizes we are giving away, including a Toshiba laptop and $100 in cash?

See you in two days!

Updated prize list – 52 prizes total!!!

FrugalFestivalbanner Holy moley, there are 52 items to win in the free Frugal Fe$tival raffle! Please join us Sunday July 26, 2009 at 1 p.m. in Woodley Park, Van Nuys, to get your 10 free tickets. I repeat, there is no cost to enter the raffle! Details below.

Raffle prizes to date:

How the raffle works:

1. There is NO cost to enter the raffle.

2. Each adult (18 and older) who attends will receive 10 free raffle tickets.

3. Each ticket has a duplicate. HOLD ON to the duplicate to claim prizes. (If it sounds like I’m yelling it’s because I am.)

4. You can enter whichever raffles you choose. You can put all 10 tickets in one raffle or spread them out.

5. The raffle drawing begins at 3 p.m. Make sure to use all your tickets by 3 p.m. or else!

6. When we draw the winning tickets you will need your duplicates to claim your prize.

7. Must be present to win.

100 $1 v. 1 $100

100 bill usAt Sunday’s Frugal Fe$tival is raffling off $100. Call me crazy, but what is more frugal than free money? And I know how frugal you are.
I wasn’t sure whether to give it away as 100 $1′s or a single $100 bill so I put the vote to readers on, my other site. Here’s what you decided (as of Thursday morning):

Out of 133 votes, 45 people (34 %) said a $100 bill is way more impressive, 38 people (29%) said they don’t care as long as they win, and 34 people (26%) said they prefer the singles because it makes a bigger wad. Oh, and 16 people (12%) were pouting in the corner because they can’t attend the Fe$tival.

A single $100 bill wins! Now I’m off to the bank!

How much are raffle tickets? Free! Read how the raffle works here.

Timeline for Frugal Fe$tival

Raffle tickets two rolls greenThe Frugal Fe$tival starts at 1 p.m. Sunday, July 26. The first 50 people to arrive receive a free Fe$tival T-shirt. They are hot pink and very snazzy. You’ll have a few hours to browse the activities we have planned, get a drink of lemonade (on the house), and use your 10 raffle tickets.

The raffle drawing starts at 3 p.m. so use your tickets by then or else! You don’t want to miss out, do you?

Browse the raffle prizes here.

Starbucks gift bags for raffle

Starbucks gift bags for ffCheck out these gift bags from Starbucks that we are giving away at Frugal Fe$tival. Each one contains a pound of coffee beans, a mug, a biscotti and a pack of gum that comes in a cool tin. We have five of these gift bags!

Other raffle prizes include a Toshiba lap top, two $25 Goldstar gift certificates, copies of 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget, copies of the 99 Cents Only Stores Cookbook, Frugal Fe$tival T-shirts, and a $100 in cold, hard cash.

There is no cost to enter the raffle. Each adult who attends the Frugal Fe$tival this Sunday, July 26 from 1 -4 p.m. will receive 10 tickets to enter whichever raffles interest them. The raffle starts at 3 p.m. so arrive at 1 p.m. so you have plenty of time to inspect all the raffle prizes!

Frugal Fe$tival T-shirts ROCK!!

FrugalFestivalTshirts ActualI just got back from the T-shirt printer and the shirts look SO AMAZING! They are hot pink and really savvy. The first 50 people to arive at the Frugal Fe$tival this Sunday, July 26 from 1-4 p.m. get a Fe$tival T-shirt for FREE.

Ten more shirts will be raffled off and others will be given away as prizes at the table I am running. So remember to come by and say hello to me!

Above is a picture I took with my iPhone. I’m so excited for Frugal Fe$tival!!!

More prizes you can win at Frugal Fe$tival

FabulouslyFrugalFeasts JoryWe’re adding new prizes daily to the free Frugal Fe$tival raffle – and they are really going to knock your socks off! Remember, every adult who attends the Fe$tival gets 10 free raffle tickets to enter whichever raffles they choose.

The latest prizes include:

  • 2 DVDs of Fabulously Frugal Feats by Christiane Jory, author of the 99 Cents Only Stores Cookbook, which we are also raffling off. This DVD has not even been released!!! And it’s rumored that Christiane will show up herself!
  • A gift basket worth $100 from Lucky You Resale, a thrift boutique in North Hollywood that is tops. The basket includes two necklaces, a mannequin necklace holder and a $50 gift certificate to the sale. Wow!
  • A grocery goodie bag from the 99 Cents Only Stores with treats from the food aisle. Yummy.


How the raffle works and prize list

Laptop to be raffled off

$100 cash to be raffled off

Free professional financial advice at Fe$tival

WealthPilgrim LogoWe are very excited to have Neal Frankle, who manages more than $100 million as a principal at Wealth Resources Group, joining us at the Frugal Fe$tival. Neal also shares stories about his financial hurdles, like how he went from homeless to homeowner, on his blog, Wealth Pilgrim.

At the Fe$tival, Neal is going to have eight 15-minute private appointments available. Get there right at 1pm when the Fe$tival starts to sign up – for free – for one of his eight private consultations. You can ask him any financial questions you have, such as:

  • how to invest in the stock market these days
  • what to do if you are struggling to pay your mortgage
  • how to plan for retirement and your child’s college education
  • anything else related to money and investment!

Neal is also raffling off a one-hour financial consultation (to be scheduled at a later date) so keep your tickets available for it! Want to know how to get in the Fe$tival’s free raffle? Click here.