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No Frugal Festival this year


My baby Lucy is six months!

We are postponing this year’s Frugal Festival because I just had a baby (well, in January). Taking care of that little bugger is a lot of fun, and very consuming.

Perhaps we will plan a Frugal Festival for 2013?! Should we focus on food again? Or something new? Another clothes swap?


aka Bargain Babe

Thanks for a great Festival!


99 Cent Chef and Bargain Babe

Finally caught my breath after the super busy Frugal Festival Food! We have tons of photos from the event and a video. Festival goers gobbled up delicious fresh fruit from Albertsons, relished the Coupon Challenge contest sponsored by and Albertsons, and went home with sooo many raffle and door prizes.

Listening to feedback, next year we will make significant changes:

  • Have three separate check in lines for VIPs, Goldstar, and day of ticket sales
  • Begin checking in guests an hour before the event starts (Goldstar did not let us know this was expected)
  • Limit door prizes to Goldstar members only
  • Display a map of the Festival grounds at the entrance
  • Have more vendors and classes

See you next year!

You CAN buy tickets at the door!


Win this $300 Albertsons gift card in our free raffle!

It will be possible to buy tickets to Frugal Festival Food! tomorrow at the event, though you’ll have to wait in line. We strongly suggest getting tickets in advance through Goldstar.

Come hungry! There will be lots of free food from Libertine (bacon-wrapped tater tots), The Stand (chili and dogs), Albertsons (CA-grown fruit), and Yozen Frogurt (frozen yogurt).

We have more than 100 Raffle and Door prizes worth $3,000 waiting for you! Come at 11 a.m. when the Festival starts as the door prizes are first come first serve!

The FREE FOOD SWAP starts at 11 a.m.

Kids are welcome! We have face painting and chalk coloring ready for ya!

There is limited free parking at the Festival (or park across the street at the mall).


Frugal Fest in the News!


Tune in 7pm Friday to see me on NBC!

Frugal Festival Food! is all over the news!

The Bargain Hunter column in the LA Daily News wrote us up, as did NBC LA’s The Scene. LA Weekly had something to say and so did yesterday’s Yelp email!

Listen to CBS KFWB later this morning, at about 10:30 a.m., to hear me on Money 101 with Bob McCormick.

Tune in Friday, June 24, at 7 p.m. to see me talking about the Festival on NBC 4!

Winners of The Coupon Wallet swag!


No more messy coupons with The Coupon Wallet!

Wow! Couponers commented in droves to win The Coupon Wallet basic organizer, deluxe organizer, and tote bag. Winners shared their current organization systems below. If you didn’t win, consider buying one! The basic organizer is just $12.95 and the deluxe model is $19.95.

Lindsey wins the tote bag:

I shove all coupons in a special place in the purse I use but most of the time, they get ripped, ruined or shoved so far down, I forget about them and they expire. A new cute organized would be perfect to help contain one little thing in my life!!!

Ailsa Y. will receive The Coupon Wallet basic organizer:

Currently, my coupon filing style consists of what I would like to call “creative squishing.” That is, squishing them into the pockets of my jeans when I go grocery shopping, squishing them in between my mascara and my lipstick in my makeup bag, randomly dropping them into my purse so that they become squished…the list goes on. Needless to say, regardless of the method of creative squishing organization, I always have shame-facedly to give the crumpled up little money-savers to the cashier.

I don’t mean to say I haven’t tried methods of non-creative squishing. I’ve tried envelopes (the entire thing gets squished), bullying the boyfriend into carrying them (risking the worst -losing all of them!), and those clear insert sheets in binders (to which I get the weirdest stares at the grocery store -I’m not weird I swear!).

Any of your giveaway items, O’ very organized people of The Coupon Wallet, would be great! Those stares of “what is wrong with that girl” will turn into “wow that girl with that amazing coupon organizer is quite stylish!”

Markeitia Ledbetter nabs The Coupon Wallet deluxe model:

I bought my first coupon organizer about 20 yrs ago, I loved it , made things so much easier. But sad to say, I’m still using it. Not as great when it is falling apart, taped together and I’ve had to write over the words where they have faded away. Really Need A New One !!

Winners, please email me an address where you would like to receive your prize. Starting at 11 a.m. this Saturday, we are giving away five Tote Bags and 15 Basic Organizers as door prizes at Frugal Festival Food! in Canoga Park. We have 10 more Basic Organizers to giveaway in the 1:15 p.m. Raffle. Nancy from The Coupon Wallet will also have a few on hand if you’d like to purchase one.

Get your tickets now!

Final ONLINE giveaway – from The Coupon Wallet!


Sea Coral: One of my favorite Deluxe Organizer patterns from The Coupon Wallet.

Couponing may be getting a bad rap thanks to TLC’s Extreme Couponing, but there’s no reason why you can’t coupon sensibly – and stylishly!

The Coupon Wallet makes coupon organizers in dozens of patterns and prints. From fuschia paisely to a giraffe pattern, florals, stripes, and polka dots. A little known-fact about The Coupon Wallet is that they still manufacturer in LA.

Today, we are giving away a Basic Organizer (retails for $12.95), a Deluxe Organizer (retails for $19.95), and a Tote Bag (retails for $5.95) from The Coupon Wallet.

To win, comment on this post about how you currently organize your coupons. Winners will be announced Thursday, June 23, 2011.

If you’re coming to Frugal Festival Food! in LA on Saturday, June 25, we’ll have five tote bags and 10 basic organizers from The Coupon Wallet as first-come first-serve door prizes starting at 11 a.m. Plus, 10 The Coupon Wallet basic organizers will be given away in the 1:15 p.m. raffle!

Get your tickets now!

Reader Winners: The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook

recipesBelow you’ll find the names of the two lucky winners of The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook.”

If you missed my review, author Erin Chase shares delicious and inexpensive meals all for under $5. Chase also shares her recipes at $5 dollar dinners, a blog she began when she challenged herself to cook more frugally to help her family save money. In the cookbook you’ll learn about strategic grocery shopping, couponing, and meal planning. The cookbook includes 200 recipes of nutritious meals with cost breakdowns and frugal facts.

I asked you to share your’re go-to meal for busy weeknights and this is what the winners are tossing together for dinner when they’re busy.

Amanda goes for quick and easy meals.

I need to learn some quick on the go meals. My quick meals are simple peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with slices fruit for the kids, or instant noodles soups.

Chris921 is a working papa who helps his wife with dinner. Ahh… how sweet!

Being a working dad with a wife who works late my go-to dinner is beef tacos. Prepping tacos if great and my 4 year old daughter loves to help grate the cheese and put the toppings in bowls in preparation for fill the tortillas. She also can make the tacos any way she wants!!!! It’s quick, easy and clean up is a breeze.. Plus they are so tasty!!!

Winners, I hope you enjoy the meals in this cookbook and it helps you build your repertoire. Send me an email with a shipping address so I can send you your copy of “The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook.”

If you didn’t win, you can buy the cookbook on Amazon for $9.86 or win one of 8 copies that will be given away as door prizes at the festival in LA on June 25. Many thanks to all of you who commented on our lighting book review giveaways. Hope you had as much fun as we did.